Have you ever experienced a period of change in your life? Starting a new job for example or moving to a new place. For most of us, these periods of change are not easy.

Try to link this with the realization that our society needs to change, in order to not completely destroy the world upon we depend with our current lifestyles. If our society needs to change though, the people in it, you and me, need to change with it. And this is scary and uncomfortable for many of us.

Now imagine a place created by people who understood this necessity of changing our way of living and dared to embark on an uncertain process of change. Ecovillages can be such places, for example Kurjen Tila in southern Finland, one of my case studies. In this ecovillage community living and biodynamic farming are combined with the aim to create a happy and healthy place for people, animals and the nature. Väinölä, a theosophical inspired community in Finland, and Tamera, ecovillage and Peace Research Institute in the south of Portugal, are the two other case studies of my research.

With my research I aim to understand the transformative learning processes that lead people, like the ones in Kurjen Tila, to experiment with and embrace new ways of living. This will contribute to a better understanding of what the people in a society need in order to find the courage and willingness to experiment with and embrace new ways of living. Furthermore I would like to find out if and how ecovillages play a role in inspiring, triggering, facilitating or accompanying transformative learning practices also beyond the ‘ecovillage’ boundaries.

My research is part of an EU funded Marie Curie Innovative Training Network: Sustainable Place Shaping. More about this project can be found on the website of SUSPLACE

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