Welcome to this website. I created this place to share my thoughts and reflections on ‘research and more’. The research I do is an extension of my personal life. This website will be a mixture of both.

Originally from the Netherlands, I currently live in Finland, Helsinki. I work for the Institute for Natural Resource and Environment (Luonnonvarakeskus).  I’m an external PhD candidate for Wageningen University, the Netherlands.

My life and research are informed by universal human qualities and skills that have over the course of history been undervalued or devalued as merely ‘feminine’: intuition, vulnerability and connection, compassion and creativity.

Before coming to Finland I worked for a year as a junior advisor on Food and Nutrition Security at the Center for Development and Innovation (CDI) in Wageningen the Netherlands. Meanwhile I participated in the Advanced Masters programme for International Development (AMID) of the Radboud University.  Both my bachelor and master degree are from Wageningen University: Nutrition and Health (BSc) & Development and Rural Innovation (MSc). For my thesis and internship I went to Uganda. I conducted research on the impact of land privatization on rural communities and did an internship at the Food Security cluster of the Embassy of the Netherlands.

After having spent this time in the sphere of international development cooperation, I realized three things:

  • In this politically loaded sphere, many things with regards to North – South relationships, are being left unsaid and unresolved as power and economic interests are pervasive
  • There is too much focus on the problems instead of bottom up positive developments
  • There is too much focus on other people’s live instead of critically reflecting on one’s own way of living

So at the moment I focus my energy on places in which people experiment with new ways of living in the society I come from myself.

You can find me in Finland and Portugal, researching people taking responsibility of their very own ways of living and thereby trying to have positive impacts on their surroundings. These people can be found all over the place, but in my research I look for them in so called ‘ecovillages’.

More about my current research on transformational change, specifically focusing on ecovillages, can be found here.

Have a look around and don’t hesitate to get in touch!