‘There is nothing more vulnerable than creativity’ – Brené Brown

As being vulnerable with each other is the only way to meaningfull connection (Brown 2012), practising being vulnerable with each other is truly important. One way to do this is sharing our creative outpours. Not because they are per se any good, or very high quality, or very artistic, but just because being creative is a means to put yourself out there. Every human being is creative. You have the permission to create and put it out into the world just because you are a human being. What others think about your creative outpours is not so much of your business. If others are inspired, moved or touched by your ‘art’ that’s a bonus. Create just for the hell of it; to feel alive and cultivate meaning to this live of ours. And to practise being vulnerable.

Like to read more about this? I highly recommend Elizabeth Gilbert – Big Magic & Brené Brown- The power of Vulnerabilty

Some of my creative outpours, in the form of collage, pictures and painting.




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Paint/ Drawing