Meet ‘my’ ecovillages – Part 1 – Kurjen Tila, Finland

Kurjen Tila is a young community in Vesilahti combining a biodynamic farm with an ecovillage. This community was birthed by women.


These women had met each other through a food circle they were part of. They got together now and then and the idea of living in the countryside sprouted. Their families became involved and the process of turning the idea into reality started. Finding land turned out to be so troublesome however, that after many years they gave up on the idea.

As often happens ones you stop holding on to something, it all of a sudden will find its way to you. Shortly after they had given up, they received a phone call. They were offered an old farm building and its land. Ones again, this was the work of a woman.

This farm had been run by one man with his two sisters. At some point only one sister was left. She made sure no one in the family could sell the land without the farm buildings on it. As EU agricultural regulations led to the expansion of some farms by buying up land from other, smaller farms, farmers were interested in the land, but not the old building on it.

This last sister with her wish to preserve the old farm made it possible for this land to be sold for what is now ‘Kurjen Tila’.

If you live in Finland, Kurjen Tila is open to visitors every Saturday during the summer. They host a garden ‘café’ and sell their farm produce.

Kurjen tila.jpg


Such as these ‘kurkku’ picked by me last autumn:

You can read a short summary of the farm and the ecovillage here.

Kurjen Tila also welcomes volunteers of the European Voluntary Service program every year. EVS’ers from 2015 created a blog with many pictures showing their daily lives at Kurjen Tila.

Photocredits: , Silvestre Marcato and my own

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